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What are EZ Carpet Tiles?

EZ Carpet Tiles offer a fresh, new look for any floor that allows any individual the ability to create a unique carpeted floor of their own. Carpet Tiles offer an exciting element to any home and can be installed by simply peeling back the plastic and placing them to the ground.  

Easy to Install

Easy to Customize

Easy to Maintain

Free Samples | Find the perfect flooring match by ordering a free sample today!

Find the perfect flooring match for your project by ordering a free sample today!


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EZcushion Carpet Tiles  (Coming Soon!)

We have engineered our original plush carpet tiles to now include an attached cushion for maximum comfort, soon be released on our site! In the mean time, you can order a sample to get an exclusive look at what is to come and prepare yourself for a great flooring solution.

How to Request a Sample:
Click the "Request a Sample" link below
2. Specify that you would like to receive an EZcushion sample