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5 Advantages of Carpet Tiles

1. Carpet Tiles Are Affordable 

When you think about installing carpet in your home for the first time (or even replacing existing carpet) I am sure a number of other expenses come to mind-- The cost and time of installation, shipping, additional padding, etc.

However, this is not true of all carpeting.

Carpet tiles are one of the most affordable flooring options easily due to the fact that they can be installed by yourself unlike traditional broadloom carpet. Add the affordability of installing the carpet yourself with the ease of replacement of this flooring, and you will save hundreds of your hard earned dollars that can be spent elsewhere. 

There are many Do-it-Yourself carpet tile options available today in stores and online and can be used for both residential and commercial applications.

Carpet tiles best suited for do-it-yourself installations are peel-and-stick carpet tiles, but there are also a large number of glue down options available on the market.

At EZ Carpet, we chose and continue to use a pressure-sensitive adhesive for peel-and-stick installation with all of our carpet tiles because we know that when it comes to performance, affordability, maintenance, and removal...Peel-And-Stick carpet tiles are the best way to go.


2. Carpet Tiles Are Easy To Maintain

Since carpet tiles are cut from rolls of carpet, just like wall-to-wall carpet, they provide the same comfort and function but provide so much more in terms of maintenance.

Thanks to the compact size, carpet tiles are easier to lift, transport, and install compared to traditional broadloom carpet. Carpet Tiles are designed specifically for mobility; So they can be easily carried and positioned wherever needed in minimal time. 

One beauty of using carpet tiles is their ability to help your home maintain a clean appearance and feel.

If a carpet tile gets stained, you can easily pop out 1 or 2 tiles to spot clean or replace them. To learn more about cleaning carpet tiles, you can read our full article How To Care For Carpet Tiles.

Rather than replacing an entire room of carpet, carpet tiles allow you to replace a single tile as needed. 


3. Carpet Tiles are VERY durable 

In addition to how easy carpet tiles are to maintain, carpet tiles will last much longer than broadloom carpet.

Because of their size, carpet tiles are able to absorb a lot of the impact of foot traffic, keeping the overall appearance from warping and wearing down as fast as broadloom. In terms of durability, one of the most important elements is the backing of the carpet tile, this will impact the overall stability of the carpet.

There are many different carpet backings with different characteristics to choose from... so how do you know which option is best for you?

At EZ Carpet, you we offer two carpet backing options: DuraStep and EZcushion. As a standard, all of the carpet tiles on our website are provided in DuraStep backing.

DuraStep is our standard innovative backing that is strong, lightweight, yet very durable without the use of latex. This polyurethane backing provides great dimensional stability and moisture resistance. 

As an additional backing option to choose from, EZcushion is our attached cushion backing. EZcushion provides comfort, stability, and protection with our patented attached cushion made with open-cell foam. 

What is open-cell foam and why does that matter?

Attached cushions with open-cell foams help absorb high impact foot traffic while protecting the carpet from wear and tear. EZcushion provides an impact barrier that helps increase the life of the yarn fibers-- Keeping your carpet tiles looking and staying like new. 

 DuraStep and EZcushion are both great options to choose from when considering carpet tiles for your own space. Made with 75% less production energy and water, our innovative manufacturing does not use latex, PVC, or harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs)-- Making no filler residue included in the process. 


4. Design flexibility and Versatility

Carpet tiles offer great flexibility and versatility for any installation.

When installing carpet tiles, you can simply install the tiles in different configurations to achieve a subtle pattern which can include; Adding accent tiles for a splash of color, or creating different patterns with complementary tiles can create an interesting visual for any room. 

Floor carpet tiles are quick and easy to install on just about any surface, leaving little to no residue when removed. 


5. They Are Reusable!  (Well, Our Carpet Tiles Are)

Sometimes, all a room needs is a little update. With EZ Carpet tiles, you can remove any installed tile and reposition it into a different position to create a new look for your floor.

If you would like to reuse a tile that has gotten wet; Allow the tile to completely dry and once dry the adhesive will regain stickiness.

As long as the adhesive has not come into contact with alcohol or citrus products, the adhesion should remain as designed.

When it's time to give a new look to an area with carpet tiles, always consider the option for repositioning or adding in a new color to the existing install.

You may just be able to find use for your used carpet tiles in another area of your home or office. Depending on use, carpet tiles can often be used several times, for example after several years of use in a corporate office it may be possible to reuse the tiles in your break room or meeting room.  

A unique feature of our EZcushion carpet tiles, is that they contain an additional protective layer between the foam and the adhesive. This special feature allows our carpet tiles to remain intact and not separate onto your floor when moved correctly.


Although this list of 5 Advantages of Carpet Tiles gives you a look at just how great this floor covering option can be, the best way to learn about a product is to try it for yourself! You can view all of our peel and stick carpet tiles available now at EZ Carpet in DuraStep and EZcushion backings.

Let our team know if we can help assist you in any carpet tile related questions, we’d love to learn about your flooring needs!

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