Cat laying on top of area rug made from EZ Nomad charcoal loop carpet tiles

Carpet Tiles & Pets? Why All Pet Owners Should Rethink Carpet

We all love our pets, no argument there. But— We don’t love the messes that they can make in our homes.

There’s a lot of misconception about our furry friends and carpet and we wanted to bring to light some of the truths about how carpet tiles can eliminate much of the worry of owning pets and a home with carpet. 


Dirt, Spills, And Stains

When dirt gets tracked into your home or when the inevitable spills occur, the most important thing to do is to clean up the mess immediately.

Being proactive about getting the unwanted mess up as quickly as possible will prevent the dirt or liquid from getting into the lower levels of the carpet fibers—This is true of both broadloom carpet as well as carpet tiles. 

Pets have a tendency to lay in the same spots on your carpet floor, making these areas more prone to flattening out and dirt build up.

With carpet tiles, you can easily refresh these areas with regular cleaning of even just individual tiles, or replacements (a big advantage for carpet tiles over rolled carpet).

When choosing a carpet tile for your home, pay attention to the materials and treatment that is used on the yarn.

Polypropylene yarn is an excellent option for pet owners due to its oil based naturally stain resistant makeup. Any added stain resistant features will add a bonus to the polypropylene and strengthen the resistance of the carpet to dirt and spills.

All EZ Carpet polypropylene carpet tiles are naturally stain resistant and are treated with Scotchgard Soil and Stain Protector.


Air Quality 

Whether you have carpet or hard surface flooring in your home, it is important to regularly clean your floors to prevent buildup of pet hair and dander (even though dander is tough to see, make no mistake—Its there). Pet hair and dander can get trapped in soft surfaces including carpet, rugs, and furniture. Frequent vacuuming can make sure that the hair and dander do not get trapped too deep into the carpet.

However, while the thought of trapped pet hair and dander may seem like a terrible option, it is actually better for air quality due to the fact that “carpet traps particles, removing them for the breathing zone and reducing their circulation in the air” (Carpet & Rug Institute).

According the CRI, studies show that properly cleaned carpet can actually reduce symptoms of asthma and allergies— Making carpet flooring the best floor covering option for those working to manage the affects.

As we mentioned before, it is still very important to vacuum your carpet or carpet tiles regularly to rid you carpet of the pet hair and dander to keep the best quality of air.



Not only do our pets prefer to spend their lounge time on soft surfaces, it also provides comfort for when they are most active to prevent injury from hard falls and slips.


Carpet tiles are a great way to add comfort and safety to areas you may not want to be fully covered in a soft floor covering.

To find the best pet friendly carpet tiles, check out our full collection of peel and stick carpet tiles and try them out for your home today!

If you would like more information on which carpet tile best fit the needs of your home and your furry friend, be sure to give our team at EZ Carpet a call today!

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