DIY runner rug in kitchen made from EZ plush carpet tiles

DIY Carpet Tile Rug

How To Use Carpet Tiles To Make A Rug That Works Great With Any Room:

One of the many advantages of using carpet tiles in your home or office is using them to create your own rug. Carpet tiles can come in various sizes typically in squares or planks...but that is not where the design possibilities end.

The design you can make typically depends on the shape of the tile unless you want to be making cuts to the carpet (although, it can be pretty easy to do with the right product).

You should consider creating a rug with carpet tiles for 3 main reasons:

  1. Customization
  2. Size
  3. Practicality


 Customizing Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles allow you to think beyond a predesigned rug and use various styles or colors to create your own unique layout. You can even alternate between areas of your floor with different patterns and colors to create sections or your own design and ultimately your own DIY carpet tile rug. 

Creating a rug with carpet tiles can make a statement in your home, choosing a statement that expresses not only who you are but who you want to be portrayed as can leave a lasting impact.

So get creative with it and be proud of what you’ve designed!


Creating Your Own Size 

Looking for the exact sized rug for any area can be a complicated mission.

By using carpet tiles, you can create any sized rug tailored to your needs. Whether you are creating an area rug or a runner out of carpet tiles, you will find that it is going to be the most versatile method for your floors.

Most carpet tiles are squares but can be trimmed or cut to meet the design of your needs. To make adjustments to the size of your carpet tile, all you need is a box knife or a sharp pair of scissors, making a smooth cut from the back of the tile.


Carpet Tiles are Practical

Carpet tiles are a very practical option over traditional area rugs due to their durable construction and ease of maintenance.

Carpet tiles are created from traditional broadloom carpet but are far easier to maintain, keeping your home looking and feeling fresh. Carpet tiles that come with an adhesive backing can be easily picked up, rinsed in the sink and placed back into position.

If a carpet tile is needing to be replaced, you can just as easily place a fresh new tile into its place. Parents and pet parents, carpet tiles are going to be your best friend.

PRO Tip: When choosing which carpet tiles to use in your home as an area rug, keep in mind it is best to choose an option with a soft backing material. Soft backing allows you to stick the tiles to the floor without damaging the surface below.

If you are looking into DIY carpet tile rugs, take a look at our wide selection of carpet tiles and choose one for your home or office today! If you have any other questions about creating your own rug out carpet tiles, our team at EZ Carpet is happy to help.

At EZ Carpet, we stand behind our products and the ease of use and maintenance that accompanies them, that's why we decided to call our brand EZ Carpet. We want our customers to know that the perceived headache that comes with having carpet in your home is a thing of the past.


 If you are unsure that carpet tiles will work well with your existing subfloor, you can call us at (706) 529 4424 or by emailing

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