EZ raindance moonrock carpet tiles in a kitchen showing emphasis on how to care for carpet tiles

How To Care For Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles have grown in popularity amongst homeowners and renters as an affordable flooring option over traditional carpet because of the added versatility and style options.

If you are not familiar with carpet tiles, they are created by cutting finished broadloom carpet rolls into squares. What this means for cleaning, maintenance, and care is that you are going to need to treat carpet tiles similar to that of broadloom carpet.


Vacuuming Carpet Tiles

As with traditional broadloom carpet, frequently vacuuming carpet tiles is an essential element of keeping your floors clean and looking as desired. Most carpet tiles are installed using a pre-applied adhesive or in combination with adhesive tape.

As long as the carpet tiles are installed per the manufacturer’s installation instructions, you should not have any issue vacuuming carpet tiles.

At EZ Carpet, all of our products contain a pre-applied pressure-sensitive adhesive that will remain intact with proper installation and stand up to frequent vacuuming. We recommend vacuuming your new carpet tiles after installation and twice weekly for the best results.


Cleaning Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles work great with regular carpet cleaners, if you need help finding the right option for your floors, check out The Carpet and Rug Institute’s list of recommendations. 

When it comes to cleaning carpet tiles, there is a great advantage over broadloom carpet in that you can remove and clean any single stained tile if needed.


Here are a Few Tips on Cleaning Individual EZ Carpet Tiles:

  • Remove the stained Carpet Tile from the floor by picking the tile up from one of the bottom corners. To prevent damaging the face fibers, be careful not to pull the tile from the face.
  • Rinse the face of the tile with running water and work in a mild detergent (non-citrus) to the stained area.
  • Re-rinse the tile and allow the tile to dry completely before reinstalling your EZ Carpet tiles.


    Once your carpet tiles have dried completely, the pressure-sensitive adhesive will regain stickiness and you will be able to once again stick the tiles onto the floor.


    If you have any other questions about cleaning or caring for carpet tiles, you can reach our customer service at info@ezcarpet.com.

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