How To Clean Carpet Tiles

Keeping your carpet tiles clean and fresh is easy to do with proper preventative care and fast action when spills occur. Cleaning carpet tiles is simple to do and will increase not only the appearance and life of your carpet but the indoor air quality as well.


Preventative Care

  • As with traditional broadloom (wall-to-wall) carpet, frequently vacuuming carpet tiles is an essential element of keeping your floors clean and looking fresh. Vacuuming 2-3 times per week is recommended for normal traffic areas, high traffic areas may require more frequent vacuuming.
  • If you come across loose fibers, always use a pair of scissors to trim the loose fiber, never pull on the face fibers as this could create a much larger problem
  • Use chair pads under rolling chairs 


How To Clean Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles work great with regular carpet cleaners, if you need help finding the right option for your floors, check out The Carpet and Rug Institute’s list of recommendations, they also are a great resource for further information on how to clean carpet tiles. When it comes to cleaning carpet tiles, there is a great advantage over broadloom carpet in that you can remove and clean any single stained carpet tile for cleaning individually. 


Liquid Spills

Liquid spills should always be treated immediately to prevent the likelihood of a permanent stain. Use a cloth to blot the stain working from the outside of the stain inward, soaking up the liquid in the stain. Add water and a small amount of non-citrus detergent and continue to blot until the stain is lifted.


Food Spills

To treat food spills on carpet, gently remove as much of the loose solid material with a spoon, dull knife, or handheld light vacuum. Blot the remainder of the stain with a damp cloth adding in a small amount of non-citrus detergent. Continue to blot and add detergent as needed. Vacuum the area for a few seconds to remove any loose material from the stain. Then, add more water for a final rinse removing any left over detergent.

Before using any carpet cleaner, test a small non-visible area to make sure the cleaner does not discolor the carpet’s fiber.


Removing Carpet Tiles For Cleaning

Individual EZ Carpet tiles can be removed for cleaning as needed. Before removing the stained carpet tile, blot the stain with a cloth to remove any loose liquid or material. To remove and clean carpet tiles, gently pick the stained carpet tile up from one of the bottom corners. To prevent damaging the face fibers, be careful not to pull on the face fibers of the tile. Apply a new clean damp cloth to the stain, working in a non-citrus detergent and rinse with warm running water until the stain and detergent have been lifted. Once the carpet tile has been cleaned, place the tile fiber face down in an open, well-vented room to dry. After the carpet tile has had time to dry, the adhesive will reactivate and be ready to be placed back on the floor. Before re-sticking the carpet tile to the floor, make sure  the floor is clear of any loose debris and re-stick the carpet tile back into position.


Carpet Cleaning & Indoor Air Quality

Wall to wall broadloom carpet and carpet tiles work as air filters for your room. When loose material like pet hair, dirt, and other allergens settle on the carpet’s fiber, they do not get circulated back into the air we breathe as they would in a room with a hard surface floor. However, these loose materials need to be removed from the fiber with frequent vacuuming to prevent getting pushed deeper into the carpet pile. 


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