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Popular Ways To Install Carpet Tiles

We might be biased, but at EZ Carpet we think the best way to make an impact in a space is by starting at the floor. After all, it’s kind of everywhere. And when it comes to selecting the right flooring for your space, there are so many ways to go.

Well, we're going to make it easy for you and explain why carpet tiles are the perfect flooring solution for your home. In this article, we're going to touch on the creative installation methods you can use at home with your own carpet tiles. It’s soft, it’s warm, it’s cozy; And as for aesthetics, there are about a million ways to go; But maybe the best part of it all is that it can be installed by the owner, aka you.

Yep, carpet tile has grown up.

Popular since the 90’s in commercial spaces like schools and airports, the versatility of carpet tile has, in the last several years, made its way into the residential world, and is going exponentially.

The good news for the hard surface folks out there is that you can have both; Sometimes, one just makes more sense than the other. A nice wood look in the kitchen is great but a soft, comfy floor in the living room is what dreams are made of. That is because a beautiful, soft surface not only pulls rooms together but families too :)

One of the best things about using carpet tiles in your home is that YOU get to be in charge of your space while picking out the right pattern and color that fits your individual style.

Carpet tiles come in a box instead of the traditional rolls and are heavy enough to stay adhered to the floor but still maneuverable and lightweight enough to carry up and down the stairs.

Looking for where to start?

A playroom or basement could be just the place to exercise your creativity while you pick out a fun pattern and try installing carpet tiles in different formats. And bringing a pop of color and some soft cushion underfoot to an office or study area could be just the touch to some added productivity while working from home.

Carpet tiles are for everybody from the innovative designer to the work from home, just want something comfortable under my feet. Whoever you are, you’ll become a pro do-it-yourselfer once you go with the soft surface.

And because carpet tiles can be easily pulled up to be replaced or be laid a different direction, you may just fancy yourself a designer when it’s all said and done. 

So let’s get to it—Here are The Most Popular Methods For Installing Carpet Tiles


For those who want to keep it nice and simple, we suggest a ‘Monolithic Install’; This one is typically for solid colors and helps keep a space clean and laid back. Maybe try one of the below methods first and if it’s not what you want, use monolithic as your fallback.

Quarter Turn

If monolithic is the safety net your mother always loved then ‘Quarter Turn’ is the bad boy you left him for. Another classic carpet tile install all its own, this one is great for tiles with a pattern. Back to the whole ‘making an impact in your space’ thing we go as the QT helps you flex that creative muscle and transform an otherwise boring space (nothing personal) into one you suddenly like to spend time in. 


There are additional installation methods like ‘Ashlar’ where the arrows on the tile backing are pointing in the same direction, but the difference between this one and monolithic is that here each row of tiles is offset or dropped vertically by the height of half a tile.


And lest we not forget about ‘Brick’, a method similar to Ashlar in concept but turned on its side where each tile is pointing the same direction with each row being offset, this time, horizontally by the width of half a tile. 


Finally, for the abstract artist, you know who you are, there is always the ‘Random’ installation method where...you guessed it, you throw those suckers down wherever you like and see what kind of relaxing masterpiece you create.


So go forth you budding, future award-winning designer and have some fun doing it. Be well and stay well, people!


Written by: Jay Adamson

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