Peel-And-Stick Plush carpet tiles inspired by the softness of traditional carpet but with added ease of installation, maintenance, and flexibility for your budget.

Plush Carpet tiles

Plush Carpet has long been one of the most popular types of carpet due to its soft texture and smooth appearance.  Plush Carpet Tiles provide the same soft and smooth benefits of plush carpet but with added versatility. Our Plush carpet tiles are made with 100% solution-dyed soft polyester fibers which help resist fading over time, keeping colors as vibrant as the day you installed your carpet tiles. Plush carpet tiles are one of the most comfortable types of carpet to walk on making these plush carpet tiles the best choice for areas such as bedrooms or living rooms. Our backing technologies, DuraStep and EZcushion are made with water resistant materials + our water resistant adhesive which make them one of the best carpet tiles for basements as well. If you are looking for quality plush carpet tiles at the most affordable price, choose one of our Peel-And-Stick options today. We offer free samples and free shipping for up to three samples. Get started transforming your floor today!