Peel, Stick, Enjoy.... and Replace When Needed.

Carpet tiles are a great way to transition any old flooring into something new and exciting. 

EZ Carpet tiles are made using our patented manufacturing process, available in our DuraStep and EZcushion backings. As a great Do-It-Yourself flooring option, our adhesive carpet tiles can be installed by anyone over almost any subfloor with peel-and-stick installation. Whether you are looking for a carpet tile to fit residential or commercial applications, we've got a wide selection of quality and affordable products to fit your needs. 


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DuraStep backing is our exclusive carpet backing system that we offer across all of our carpet tile products. DuraStep offers an exceptional array of benefits including flexibility and stability. As a foundation to your new floor, DuraStep increases the ease of installation while also provides breathability to protect material breaking down, increasing the life of your new floor.

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Our new cushion backed carpet tiles are now available for purchase! The colors of Classic Comfort and Zalman previously seen with our DuraStep backing will now offer an option in the new EZcushion backing. Be on the lookout in the coming weeks for new colors to become available.

Check out what's available in EZcushion now!

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Carpet Tiles also known as modular carpet or carpet squares, are made by cutting rolled broadloom carpet into squares. Carpet tiles have the same look and feel as traditional wall-to-wall carpet, but with added versatility and much easier maintenance. Carpet tiles can be arranged in a variety of patterns to create a unique look over hard-surface floors. Over the years, carpet tiles have been known to be a popular floor covering for commercial applications for their ease of maintenance and replacement capabilities. But, with more plush, unique, and affordable carpet tile options being introduced in recent years, carpet tiles have now made a name for themselves in the residential market for homeowners as well as renters.

At EZ Carpet, we manufacture a wide selection of affordable carpet tiles for your home, office, and everywhere in between that you can order factory direct from our website. Browse through our collections of carpet tiles to find the perfect match for your needs and style. All of our carpet tile products are manufactured with a pre-applied pressure sensitive adhesive, making installation and maintenance easier than you ever thought possible with carpet. To find out more about each unique collection and style, be sure to view the product page with details on color options, construction, and recommended uses. So, if you've been looking for a carpet flooring option that can stand up to whatever life throws at you, with versatility and durability at every day affordable've come to the right place.

We work hard to make sure we have all of our carpet tiles in stock ready for your project by continually manufacturing all styles and making updates to our inventory when products become available. If we do not currently show the amount of carpet tiles you need for your project, please reach out to us to receive an up-to-date timeline for its availability. Thank you for your interest in using EZ Carpet tiles for your next flooring project, we hope we can show you just how easy carpet can be!

Made in the US

Made in the USA

EZ Carpet tiles are manufactured in Dalton, Georgia and delivered directly to your door. 

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With over 50 years of experience in the Carpet Industry, EZ Carpet was created with the mindset to manufacture and provide a direct outlet of affordable high quality carpet tiles.

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