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Carpet Tile Installation

Recommended Tools and Materials

Tape Measure

Carpet cutter / utility knife

Straight Edge


How to Measure Your Subfloor
  • Measure (in feet) the length of one side of the room and the width of a connecting side
  • Find the square footage of a room by multiplying the length by the width of the two sides
  • Divide the room’s square footage by the square footage in one carton of carpet tiles Hint: most of our carpet tiles contain 34.52 square feet per carton.

Prepare the Subfloor

Making sure your floor is prepared properly before installing carpet tiles will ensure the best possible adhesion and finished results. To prep your floor for installation, you will need to clear any loose material on the floor by thoroughly sweeping and wiping with a damp cloth. Properly prepared floors will be clear of dirt, dust, dried paint, etc. It is also very important that the subfloor you are installing carpet tiles on is smooth, flat, and dry. Peel-And-Stick carpet tiles will not adhere well over existing carpet, make sure that you remove any old carpeting before beginning to install your new carpet tiles. We recommended a permanent adhesive for installation on stairs. 


Plan Your Layout

There are many different ways to install carpet tiles, but we have found that starting in the room’s corner will result in the best results and in most cases, fewer cuts. 



Step One: Remove the protective cover on the back of the carpet tile to expose the full coverage adhesive

Step Two: Paying attention to the arrow direction on the back of the carpet tile, firmly place the carpet tile on the subfloor in one of the room's corners

Step Three: Remove the protective cover from your next tile and firmly position the new carpet tile against the previous.

Depending on the design method you choose, always check the arrow direction on the back of the tile before pressing the carpet tile to the subfloor.

Step Four: Repeat the process of adding a new carpet tile next to the previous and following the arrow guides until your room is complete.

It is likely that your room will require cuts to be made to the carpet tiles. Peel-And-Stick carpet tiles should be cut before the adhesive cover is removed. To make cuts to carpet tiles, lay the carpet tile with the backing face up then mark a line where you need to make a cut and use a carpet cutter or utility knife to cut along the line.



  • We recommend starting your installation from a corner to minimize the number of cuts you will need to make with the last few tiles.

  • When using a corner starting point, we recommend starting from the corner most visible so that if you have to make cuts, those cuts can be sectioned in an area less visible to provide the best results.

  • Before removing the plastic cover, decide on a layout by arranging 8 to 10 tiles in their desire position

  • Paying attention to arrow direction will make seams less visible 


Have A Question About Peel-And-Stick Carpet Tile Installation?

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