D  O  R  M    F  L  O  O  R  S

An easy, comfortable solution to flooring for your new home

Carpet tiles for student living

Dorm Floors

Whether you are moving an hour or 10 hours away to school, we know that it is important to create a new living space that provides just as much comfort as home. You've researched and researched every component of your new room from throw blankets to picture frames and areas rugs.

Dorm Floors was created so that students would have an easy and simple transition into their new living space that provides them with all of the comforts of home. You can spend less time worrying about the floor both now and down the road.


Dorm Floors' carpet tiles are packaged in a box, ready to be shipped to your door. When you receive your order, you will find installation instructions packaged along with the tiles ready to take with you on move-in day.

All tiles are coated with a strong peel and stick, adhesive backing, allowing you to finish your project in 30 minutes or less.

Depending on the dimensions of your room, you may need to make cuts to the carpet so the whole area is covered. Dorm Floors' carpet tiles are extremely pliable so you will have no trouble cutting the tiles with a box cutter or even scissors. However, our tiles are plush, so should you decide to not cover your entire floor, carpet tiles are a great alternative to area rugs as a cost saving option. 

Quality that matters

The transition from a home to a single dorm room can be tough, there is so much living done in that one area. So of course, dorm rooms are going to experience high traffic and be prone to spills and all kinds of other bacteria.

Dorm Floors provides you with high quality that goes beyond just what you can see on the surface. All tiles are sprayed with Scotchgard protectant to help resist soil and stains (because we know there will be stains). In addition, the tiles have been treated with an antimicrobial, allowing them to resist moisture and prevent harmful, odor causing bacteria that takes up space in your floor.

Create a unique design

You have the ability to create a room as unique as you are with Door Floors. Order a single color, or mix it up and order two different boxes, creating a pattern of your own design.

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