DuraStep Backing

DuraStep backing is our exclusive carpet backing system that we offer across all of our carpet tile products. DuraStep offers an exceptional array of benefits including flexibility and stability. As a foundation to your new floor, DuraStep increases the ease of installation while also provides breathability to protect material breaking down, increasing the life of your new floor.

Get the most value out of your new flooring by considering factors beyond the fibers. By working smarter to create an innovative manufacturing process that reduces production energy by 75%, we offer a higher level of quality and value to our products without increasing the cost— Making our products the most affordable carpet tiles on the market, suitable for whatever life demands.


No latex
DuraStep provides exceptional durability and flexibility without the use of latex

No Odor
Without latex or any harmful VOCs, this backing is odorless

Easy To Install
The soft and flexible backing allows for easy cuts and will not scratch walls, baseboards, or underlying surfaces

No Acclamation
Reduces installation time and cost as no acclamation is required

Energy Conservation
Production uses 75% less energy and water to manufacture

DuraStep Carpet Tile Backing View

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