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Arceli Arcilla (Missouri City, US)
Classic Comfort Tile

I am satisfied with my order the classic comfort tiles.Good packaging and early delivery.

ZALMAN EZcushion Peel-And-Stick Carpet Tiles
James Peyton (Cedarburg, US)

ZALMAN EZcushion Peel-And-Stick Carpet Tiles

ZALMAN EZcushion Samples
carl kenyon (Duncansville, US)

ZALMAN EZcushion Samples

PARALLELS Peel-And-Stick Carpet Tiles
Justin Morat (Rome, US)
Carpet Tile

Great product , looks great , Easy to install , DIY Friendly

VERSA Peel-And-Stick Carpet Tiles
Larry Adams (Franklin, US)
Very good

Some tiles was not cut square I had to move them around to get them to match

Love it sooo much!

Got 1 room done. I am very pleased. It looks great and was easy to install. Told friends about this product.

ZALMAN Peel-And-Stick Carpet Tiles
terri cross (Oklahoma City, US)

ZALMAN Carpet Tiles

ZALMAN Samples
Richard Green (New York, US)
Very good carpet and great customer service

Purchased carpet tiles with cushion backing for a bedroom. Instructions were very clear, installation for most of the room went very fast. Cutting the tiles was easy with a sharp blade. The rug looks great. After a couple of days all but two short lines where tiles touch have disappeared.
Planning to use the same carpet in another room.

CLASSIC COMFORT EZcushion Carpet Tiles
Ruth Rodriguez (Clinton, US)

Great, easy DIY product, feels great on the feet, easy to clean. I highly recommend this product. Would like they have more lighter colors in the EX cushions options

CLASSIC COMFORT EZcushion Carpet Tiles
Patrick Bond (Portland, US)
Great tiles, better people! If you want quality padded carpet tiles, look no further.

I ordered samples and actually took them along to the contractors furnishing mart I normally use and they said they couldn’t beat the quality and definitely couldn’t beat the price.

Well, I ordered a new color that I hadn’t purchased a sample for because they weny out of stock on what I wanted. It was my fault, I figured they wouldn’t be in stock for a long while because of the pandemic just like everyone else.

Well, I checked back with them and they aren’t like lots of places with stock because what I wanted had just come back in to stock. I asked them if there was anyway I could exchange it and they made it happen at no extra charge despite my knowing they had a restocking fee. They really wanted a happy customer. And they have one.

The tiles came super quickly via UPS, I mean just a few days and even from across the country. I installed them in just a few quick hours. They look great and feel great too. Just a few swipes of the vacuum and you can hardly see any lines. Couldn’t be more pleased and I couldn’t recommend the people you deal with more. Quality experience.

Just don’t be like me, order samples and if they go out of stock please call to see if your choice is coming back soon before ordering something you didn’t sample, they’ll likely have it or be able to help with another sample and it will save these good folks the cost and the hassle.

Thanks again so much!

VERSA Peel-And-Stick Carpet Tiles
John Komar (Ocean Isle Beach, US)
Garage Carpet

Planning on using this for my garage floor. Used a similar carpet on our old house and wore well for over 20 years.

CLASSIC COMFORT EZcushion Carpet Tiles
Robert Grimes (Herndon, US)
CLASSIC COMFORT Cushion Back Carpet Tiles | 23.5" x 23.5" | Peel And Stick Fawn (New!)

We needed to replace the 30 year old carpet in our upstairs hallway and decided to give these carpet tiles a try as they are economical and we really did not want to deal with work people in the house for such a small project. Speedy shipping. Installation was a breeze. I took time to make sure the subfloor was clean and even. I screwed down any squeaky places i the subfloor before beginning installation of the carpet. Then I measured, cut, and put down the carpet tiles with the arrows on the back pointing in the same direction. The tiles matched up perfectly with the transitions to the bedrooms and stairway. The cushion feels very good underfoot and is really quiet. The result was even better than we hoped. Will consider buying again for our next project.

ZALMAN EZcushion Peel-And-Stick Carpet Tiles
Dana Sparks (Pickerington, US)
Comfortable and complete

The carpet squares were a wonderful edition to our basement room to make it feel warm comfortable and complete. Good quality and worth the price

Would buy again

What an amazing product! Came very quickly, so easy to install, and looks amazing. Much cheaper than installing carpet.

ZALMAN Peel-And-Stick Carpet Tiles
Kenna Roberts (Columbia, US)
Excellent quality ***

We received our squares they were exactly what we expected, very easy to put down. We plan to buy more in the near future. Great product !!!

PARALLELS Peel-And-Stick Carpet Tiles
Gaylon Kerr (Lubbock, US)

Installation was easy and looked good.

ZALMAN Peel-And-Stick Carpet Tiles
Susan Wegener (Brighton, US)
Awesome-no lines at all!

So easy to install.. easy to cut… I love the look and feel. It was cheaper than driving to a store & waiting for installation. Shipped within days of ordering

VERSA Peel-And-Stick Carpet Tiles
Janet Manuel (Seagrove, US)

Thanks for the samples. We don't know if the tile will get discolored
when the house is power washed. We initially planned to put the tile
on the deck.

ZALMAN EZcushion Peel-And-Stick Carpet Tiles
Anthony Phillips (Euclid, US)
The best looking carpet tiles I have ever used!

These were the easiest carpet tiles I have ever used. The directions were clear and easy to understand, they were easy to work with and cut to size, and look beautiful when installed. Every time I sweep them they look better and better!

CLASSIC COMFORT EZcushion Carpet Tiles
Catherine (Jacksonville, US)
Awesome product

I love my new carpet. It was delivered quickly, so easy to put down and it looks and feels wonderful

Catherine, thank you for the 5 star review! We are so happy to hear you are satisfied with your product and had such an easy time installing your tiles.

PARALLELS Peel-And-Stick Carpet Tiles
Beverly Dunn (Lufkin, US)

Excellent quality. In the near future I will find the correct color and complete my room

Thank you for the 5 star review on your parallel sample, Beverly.
Your new sample is scheduled to ship tomorrow and we hope you find it fitting for the completion of your room. Thank you for considering EZ Carpet and let us know if we can assist in your search for the right color.

Excellent Quality

These are beautiful tiles and so easy to install. Quality product.

Thank you for the 5 star review, Joel! We are so happy to hear you satasfied with your tiles and want to thank you for choosing EZ Carpet.

CLASSIC COMFORT EZcushion Carpet Tiles
Cindy Boynton (Keene, US)
Classic Comfort Tiles

Ez Carpet not only has great customer service, but also a high quality product. Prior to placing my order I emailed a couple of questions regarding availabilty and colors choices & someone responded back in less than 24 hours. I purchased the classic comfort cushion back tiles, they are very easy to put down and look great. My order was shipped the same day I placed it. I will definatly order from EZ carpets again in the future.

Thank you so much for this 5 star review regarding your throughts and experience with EZ Carpet, Cindy! At EZ Carpet, our customers are our #1 priority and it was a pleasure assisting you prior to your order. We are so happy that you are completely satisfied with your tiles quality, color, and installation and thank you for allowing EZ Carpet to be apart of your project - we look foward to helping you with any projects you may have in the future!

I’m in awe

So we had an original sample, then they back ordered and the new tiles are darker than we expected. However, it is still amazing how good it looks. It’s for our basement and it was super easy to install and it looks amazing. Thank you so much to customer service for reserving boxes for me when they came in.

Kathi, thank you for the kind 5 star review and attached pictures! Your basement looks great- sometimes the tiles will appear darker or lighter depending on the room itself. We are working on a blog post to help our customers choose the right carpet color for their room- check our blog page in a few weeks if you are intrested!
We are thrilled to hear about your experience with EZ Carpet and thank you for allowing us to be apart of your home project

ZALMAN Peel-And-Stick Carpet Tiles
Caroline Souchet (Bothell, US)
Carpet tiles

Easy to order, received on time, easy to install despite that it was my first time. Tiny lady, 52 years old. It took me about 6 to 7 hours to finish the room including the closet and the weird cuts all over. Just as an advice to future buyers, I would recommend to buy the tiles with the cushion layer attached to the tiles as it is quite hard when simple carpet tiles are directly placed on the ground.
Whatever you choose to buy, have fun!

Thank you for taking the time to write this 5 star review, Caroline! Here at EZ Carpet, we try to make things as easy as possible. We love hearing about a timely delivery and how our customers like yourself, are able to install and cut the tiles with ease.