Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Carpet Tiles

Yes, It is a great idea to order a sample before placing an order. We will be happy to send you a 6x7 cutting of your style and color choice. The samples are available in our Dura Step backing and our EZ Cushion backing.

To order a sample, please visit the product page of the carpet tile you are interested in and click on "Get A Sample". You will be directed to begin the checkout process. If you would like more than one sample, you will just repeat the process on the other product pages. Please note that unless otherwise approved, we do not currently support ordering multiples of the same sample in one order.

Shipping Rates:

1-5 Samples $4.00 Flat Rate USPS Priority Mail (2 Day Delivery)
6+ Samples $7.00 Flat Rate XL USPS Priority Mail (2 Day Delivery)

If you would like to view a full size (23.5" x 23.5") sample, please contact or call (706) 529 4424 to place a custom sample order. For full size sample tiles, you will be responsible for only the cost of shipping. All samples are final sale.

EZ Carpet tiles range in thickness across the various styles shown on our website from 0.2” to 0.91” in thickness. EZ Carpet tiles come in different thicknesses for different applications and preferences. All specifications for our products regarding thickness are displayed on the product pages. If you need help determining which product's thickness will best suit the needs of your application, please contact us at

If the item you are looking for or ordered a sample for recently became out of stock on our website we recommend paying close attention to our website for the next following days or contacting us directly at (706) 529 - 4424. We manufacture all of our products in-house and are regularly updating our inventory so, if something is out of stock there is a good chance it will be back soon.

However, in the case that the out of stock item says that it is special order only, it will no longer be available for direct purchase online. To make a special order, please contact to discuss the specifics of your projects needs.

When items are listed as "Special Order Only", this means that the product is no longer a part of our running line and will only be manufactured in special circumstances. To qualify as a special order, your order must meet a minimum quantity (This is typically 27,000 square feet). To make a special order, please contact us for more information.

EZ Carpet tiles contain a pre-applied pressure-sensitive adhesive that is applied during our in house manufacturing process. The tiles are engineered to remain stuck to the floor without slipping or curling up but provide the ability to be picked up later for damage free replacements. Because EZ Carpet tiles contain a pressure-sensitive adhesive, your tiles will have a stronger grip to the floor after installation and use.

EZ Carpet tiles are manufactured with the use of a variety of materials. Face fiber materials for our products include; polyester, nylon, and polypropylene that are all 100% solution-dyed. We offer two backing options exclusive to our company, EZ Carpet, known as DuraStep and EZcushion. DuraStep and EZcushion backing technologies use polypropylene and polyurethane to create a lightweight, durable back to our products without the use of latex.

Both Backings are made of Urethane which is lightweight, durable and flexible. Urethane is naturally moisture resistant and will not promote odor causing bacteria growth. The moisture barrier helps increase the lifetime of the tiles. Urethane also encapsulates the tufted carpet fiber providing a stronger tuft bind which prolongs the wear and appearance of your flooring.

The DuraStep backing maintains a lower profile and allows for a durable solution to heavy traffic areas.

EZ Cushion has an additive that allows the urethane to expand creating a softer, thicker, product that many customers desire in their living space.

The opened cell construction offers a softer feel under foot, yet still maintains durable, long lasting wear. DuraStep & EZ Cushion contain no latex so your floors are protected from the dust associated with latex backings. The technology behind our backings are designed so you can easily remove or replace your tiles without have a mess to contend with. EZ Carpet Backing systems make DIY, truly Do It Yourself friendly.

As with traditional broadloom carpet, carpet tile backings are very important to the performance of the overall floor covering. The importance of the backing resides in that it is the foundation for the entire carpet tile.

Carpet Tile Backings Play An Import Role For The Following Reasons:

Holding Tufts: A carpet tile's (Primary) backing is responsible for holding in all of the tufts that keep the yarn together and also prevent them from breaking apart onto your floor. Properly constructed carpet tile backings will also make sure that when you vacuum, the yarn fibers will not separate and leave your new floor in patches.

Protecting The Yarn: Strong carpet backings will take on the impact of foot traffic and prevent the yarn from easily crushing, providing a longer life for the carpet tile. Carpet tiles with attached padding will provide an even greater absorption for the impact of foot traffic. When looking into carpet tiles with attached pads, be sure to choose an open-cell foam option like EZcushion. Read why we strongly recommend open-cell attached pads in the FAQ question below.

Providing A Moisture Barrier: Certain carpet tile backings are manufactured with naturally moisture resistant materials such as polypropylene and polyurethane. These chemicals can make a great difference in how moisture affects the carpet tile including how moisture can be released from the carpet tile.

Floor Protection: Traditional latex based carpet tile backings are known to be very rough and can be very damaging an existing subfloor during installation. When choosing a carpet tile backing, choosing a product with a soft (Secondary) woven backing will prevent damage to the existing floor, walls, or baseboards during installation.

The foam that makes up the attached cushion for carpet tiles is comprised of many cells that form together to make a solid cushion. This type of foam can consist of either an open-cell or closed-cell formation. Open-cell attached cushions, such as EZcushion, provide a stronger structure for absorbing foot traffic impact to retain form much longer than that of a closed-cell foam. Closed-cell attached cushions allow larger amounts of air to enter the cell and can cause cell wall damage and breakdown far earlier than that of open-cell cushions, thus causing damage to the carpet's yarn.

It is also important to consider moisture when deciding between open-cell and closed-cell cushions. Open-cell cushions are ideal for below-grade areas such as basements because of their ability to allow moisture to evaporate to the top of the carpet tile to be removed by air conditioning units. Closed-cell cushions prevent moisture from getting into the tile and will allow a buildup that could cause subfloor warping as well as mold and mildew growth.

If you have a question about our open-cell attached cushion backing, EZcushion, please reach out to us at

All EZ Carpet tiles are manufactured at our facility located in Dalton, Georgia. While we do not currently offer a physical storefront for our customers to purchase our products, all of our products can be ordered directly online and shipped to all domestic United States.

To find out how many EZ Carpet tiles you need for your room, you will first need to measure the floor you want to cover. Once you know the size of your floor, you can use our calculator on each product page to determine our best recommendation based on the square footage you provided. If you are unsure how to convert your measurements into square feet, simply multiply length x width. So, if you have a room that is 10' x 10', you are needing to cover 100 square feet, in which case our calculator will tell you that you need 3 boxes of EZ Carpet tiles.

If you have any questions about how many tiles to order you can call our Customer Service number at (706) 529 4424 for assistance.

EZ Carpet tiles are 23.5” x 23.5” carpet squares.

EZ Carpet tiles are sold by the box. Each box of EZ Carpet tiles contains 9 (23.5" x 23.5") square tiles or (34.52 sq ft) with the Dura Step Backing. The EZ Cushion loop style products are packed 10 tiles per carton or (38.35 sq ft/ ctn) There is a minimum order of 1 box required, and at this time we do not support splitting boxes.

You can order all of our in-stock products or samples directly on or by calling us at (706) 529 - 4424. To place an order, simply go to the shop page, choose your product, and add the item and desired quantity to your cart. From there, you may click the cart button at the top right of our website to check out and place the order.

Installation & Care

Each box of EZ Carpet tiles contains 9 (23.5" x 23.5") tiles that come installation ready with a pre-applied adhesive. However, you may find it helpful to have a tape measure, straight-edge, and a carpet/utility knife on hand.

When you receive your order of EZ Carpet tiles, you will receive a copy of our installation instructions compatible with the type of product ordered.

To download a copy of our installation instructions before your order arrives, click the links below.

Cut Pile Installation Loop Pile Installation

To prepare your floor for carpet tile installation, we recommend sweeping away any loose debris and wiping away any missed debris with a damp cloth. Please make sure that the subfloor does not contain moisture as this can cause the carpet tile's adhesive not to bond with the floor.

EZ Carpet tiles can be easily removed one single tile at a time for cleaning or replacements as needed.

To remove any EZ Carpet tile already stuck to the floor, carefully pick the tile up from the backing of one of the four corners. Be careful not to pull from the face fibers as this can cause damage to the tile.

Cleaning EZ Carpet tiles is actually very simple. To clean your EZ Carpet tiles from normal day-to-day dirt from foot traffic, it is a good idea to vacuum regularly. To clean any spot stains, it is important to clean the carpet tile as soon as the stain is noticed for best results. For cleaning spills or stains in general, first blot off any excess liquid from the tile, remove the tile from one of the corners and apply a mild detergent or carpet cleaner to the spot. Once you have worked in the detergent, rinse the tile under running water. Always remember to dry the tile off completely before replacing it onto your floor. Never use a citrus product when cleaning your EZ Carpet tiles, citrus cleaning products will cause the tile to lose its adhesive backing and you will no longer be able to use the tile without an additional adhesive.

Yes, you can have EZ Carpet tiles professionally clean or you can use your own carpet cleaning machine to provide an extra cleaning for your carpet tile floor. However, please keep in mind that these machines use water to clean and could cause your tiles to momentarily loose their adhesion to the floor. As long as you do not use a citrus or alcohol based cleaner with the machine, your tiles will regain their adhesion to the floor once dry.

Our DuraStep and EZcushion backings are both breathable. Meaning, they will allow moisture from the floor to evaporate through the tile, limiting mold and mildew buildup in your floor.

It is a good idea to order an extra box of EZ Carpet tiles to use for replacements down the road as needed. If you decide to order excess or have tiles leftover after installation, the best way to store them is in a covered, temperature controlled room. Heat and humidity can adversely affect the performance of the adhesive backing, paying attention to where you are storing your tiles will play a critical role in their performance.

If your floor gets significantly wet after the carpet tiles have been installed, you will want to remove any/all wet carpet tiles and allow them to dry. Once dry, the adhesive backing will regain stickiness and the tiles will be able to be placed back into position on your floor.

EZ Carpet tiles should be installed onto smooth, flat, and dry hard-surface floors. We recommend the following EZ Carpet tile styles for indoor use only: Classic Comfort, Zalman, Infinity, Parallels, and Nomad.

The main thing about your subfloor is that it is clean of debris and any dust and dirt. The Tiles will NOT stick well to a dusty, dirty floor. Wipe clean with a damp Mop or towel to assure the surface is free and clear of dust and dirt.

Compatible Subfloors:

Please note that we do not recommend installing carpet tiles over stairs or carpet. Subfloors that have paint chips, chalk, or other loose debris should be properly cleaned to ensure the best adhesion of the carpet tiles to the floor. Any loose debris left on the subfloor prior to installation will cause the carpet tiles not to stick to the floor properly.

If you have a question about subfloor compatibility with our products, please reach out to us to find out more.

EZ Carpet Tiles are unique in that you can easily remove the soiled tile and easily clean a pet stain with soap and water. Once the tile has dried completely, you should be able to replace your tile with no problem. Read more about why carpet tiles are the best carpet for pets.

No, EZ Carpet tiles contain the appropriate amount of pre-applied adhesive to each tile needed for installation.

EZ Carpet tiles contain a pressure-sensitive adhesive that will provide a sturdy grip to your subfloor that will strengthen over time. Our products are manufactured with this special pressure-sensitive adhesive so that if you decide to reposition or remove the carpet tiles later on, there will be no damage to the underlying surface.

Shipping & Returns

We offer Free Shipping to the (domestic) United States for all standard orders.

Sample, Hospitality, and Commercial orders with special discounted rates do not qualify for free shipping.

Once your order has been picked up by the shipping carrier, you will be emailed a tracking number to provide you with an estimated arrival date. Please allow until 9:00PM for the tracking number to update into the carrier's system. All orders are currently shipped via UPS Ground unless otherwise stated. Delivery from our warehouse in Dalton, Georgia can take 2 - 5 business days depending on location.

We understand mistakes happen or you might wish to change your mind, so we will accommodate your cancellation request, however you must do so within 30 minutes of placing your order.

At EZ Carpet, we try and fulfill your orders as quickly as possible. So it is very likely that your order will be pulled and staged for shipping within the hour from placing your order.

If you are unable to cancel your order within the 30 minute timeframe, we can still cancel your order, but you will be charged a 5% restocking fee.

We hope that you are completely satisfied with your EZ Carpet tiles, but we understand that sometimes it is necessary to make a return or exchange. If you would like to place a return, please complete our Return Form and email it to

If you do not see an email confirmation for your order, please check your spam folder. Tiles that have been adhered to the floor can not be returned. Only unused tiles are eligible for return. Freight charges will be applied as well as a small restocking fee.

Please review our return policy for details on what is acceptable to be returned.