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Peel-And-Stick Installation

The most efficient way to install carpet, saving yourself time and money

Lightweight & Flexible

Easy handling and storage + no damage to existing interiors during installation

No Harmful VOCs or Odors

Our products are latex and VOC free, making installation safe and odorless

+ so much more!


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Case Studies

Buffalo Grand Hotel

EZ Carpet certainly lived up to their name on our Hotel remodel project. Easy to work with, fast delivery and easy to fit into the budget.

We very much appreciated that we could order exactly the quantities needed – when we needed it - whether large or small, because we had limited storage space at our Hotel and needed to remain open for business.

We worked together to determine the exact quantity of material that was needed for each phase and we did not have to worry about meeting our schedule because they had the material in stock and shipped it quickly.

Because of EZ Carpet’s ‘peel and stick’ adhesive system, we were able to use our in-house maintenance crew to install the carpet tile. Not only did this save us time and money, but if we had been at the mercy of an outside contractor, we would not have been able to schedule the work while still continuously accommodating guests.

On the same note (maintaining continuous business), the EZ Carpet peel and stick adhesive system allowed us to avoid the odors and downtime that we would have had with traditional carpet tile and adhesives. EZ carpet’s tile system is an economically excellent solution because it will allow us to quickly carry out ‘spot repairs’ without taking the area out of service and to substantially extend the fresh look of the current renovation before having to invest in another full scale re-carpeting.

I would recommend EZ Carpet for any Hotel owner desiring to save time and money on their remodel projects or new construction jobs. 

Harry Stinson, Owner + Developer

Current Hotelier Special

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